Vicki-Sue's lifelong passion for textiles developed into a keen interest in design and manufacture. She went on to further explore these areas on a professional level following a return to education at the age of 30 where she studied for a BA (hons) Degree in Textile Design and attained a Master of Arts Degree in Digital Design. 

Vicki-Sue's ethos is function in art and design: "My passion as a designer/maker is to always design with functionality in mind. I feel that Art & Design needs to have a purpose in the world and therefore I expect my textile designs to appear on furniture that is both beautiful and perfectly adapted for the intended purpose."

Paul & Vicki-Sue met whilst both working for the same interior design company in Cornwall during what was intended to be Paul's retirement year. Vicki was struck with a sense of sadness watching Paul at work, a Master Craftsman of a dying art who was planning to hang up his tools without passing on his extensive knowledge and expert techniques. Unwilling to let that be the end of Paul's professional story, Vicki set about convincing Paul to work with her and induct her into his craft. 

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Mason & Brotherhood Creative Upholstery was formed by Paul Mason and Vicki-Sue Brotherhood in 2018, combining their wealth of experience, design skills, creativity and their joint passion for creating beautiful textile products for the home.

Paul Mason, formerly of Westcountry Upholstery, has over 40 years' experience designing and manufacturing quality original furniture, restoring and re-upholstering pre-loved items using traditional methods and creating stunning, unique statement pieces.

Paul's desire has always been to create furniture and furnishings that are as individual as the customers they are designed for. He feels that people should be able to have exactly what they want; not the trends, or what manufacturers dictate that they should have. He says "I make individual furniture for individual people". 

Finding such an eager student, Paul was not only convinced to teach Vicki his skills, but also inspired by her vision and creative approach. In their joint venture they create new and exciting artisan pieces as well as re-upholstering and renewing more traditional furniture.

The third member of the team is Hungarian Vizsla, Ruby, whose responsibilities include security, customer meet and greet and quality control!

Some of Our Clients & People We Like...

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